So I bought a Z4

After months of trying to make a rational decision and spend my money wisely on a vehicle I really wanted, I bought a 2004 BMW Z4 2.5i SMG Roadster yesterday. This was by no means planned, other than the fact that we have been looking at vehicles for over 6 months. This one never came to mind and low and behold we find one with the very rare SMG transmission and over $6K below KBB suggested retail value.

One just never knows these days but I do have to say I needed this amount of over excitement and fun for some time - I am beside myself and as soon as the weather clears up there will be more pictures than you can stand. For the mean time it looks very similar to this in a dark charcoal gray with black interior...
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in living color

I went to Long Beach this past weekend to visit a friend, that I hadn't seen in awhile.


Took the camera just in case, and this is what I found....

Original Pic

Alondra is HOT at the Rythm Lounge and you will never believe that Dolly has a bathroom in every room.

A Bath in Every Room - SWEET

The mirrors are set too short in the stores

Mirror Mirror Low on the wall

and the bikes are

red only


All in all it was a good day and I finally got to see Sarah!!!

Living Color

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Another Chapter closed

A week ago I attended my final classes, this week we held our mandatory portfolio review and now I am Ai Alumni with a Bachelors in Graphic Design, a dream I have had for a very long time

another chapter closed and no script for the next one

some tell me to breathe

i have to try to remember how

a little depressing to think all i have to do now is reflect upon myself and deal with my own issues - nothing to blame anything on anymore - just me and my head

i have some work to do

anyone have the book "breathing for dummies"?

I am relieved that this part of my life is complete - just a little lost on the what's next factor

pics of the best booth at the portfolio show to come
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20 days until my portfolio show and school will be over for the time being.

My website is up (still needs a little work)

Let me know what you think!!!!

What a day...

I must vent - It has been one of those days.

My schedule is very hectic on Wednesday's as it is. I go to work at 7 am, work until 12 and then go to school til 4:30. This is my final quarter so have a lot of work to so in all of my classes to get ready for my portfolio show in March.

So work wasn't too bad - pretty much normal - a lot of requests to have things done and always as I am walking out the door to go to school. I forgot to eat again so I leave work and stop to get a smoothie to tide me over. Get to school with 2 minutes to spare. Plug my iPod in to download the files we are sharing in class.

OOPS - I left them on my work computer - I could have sworn that I copied them over - CRAP - this is a big presentation day.

Ok - breathe - tell the teacher and he says no big deal - go get the files and return to share with the class. - Alright - I'll be back in 30 minutes.

Since I am coming right back I leave everything in class except my iPod and my drivers license. Go to work and duck past people so they don't ask me for anything. Get the files and answer a few e-mails that obviously prove that NO listened to me in the meeting the day before.

Breathe - get back in the car and go to back to school AGAIN.

Driving on the 405 South - notice some smoke in my review mirror - it's pretty bad and I am trying to figure out what car it is coming from and waiting to see if it passes me. Then a small red commuter car is on right side honking and honking. She gets up next to me and tells me that I AM BLOWING ALL THAT SMOKE.

I have been crusin at 65 hadn't had to accelerate. THAT SMOKE IS COMING FORM ME - REALLY????

No change in vehicle performance - no noises - no nothing - just crusin - WTF is going on

So I think transmission - I am not over heating it's not coming from under my hood -WTF - -I don't smell any burning - nothing - just smoke

I just spent 3,000 dollars last year to have the tranny rebuilt -

I call Phil just to see if it could be anything else - he just says it's not good - REALLY - not good - hadn't thought of that one yet

SO I talk to him and I need to accelerate for the first time since the smoke appeared - OOOOOPS - no acceleration - just a dig and RPMs are jumping - GREAT

Phil asks if I can get it home - and I simply say - hmmmm - not sure - haven't slowed downed or stopped yet - not sure what will happen when I do that

So I get to the off ramp for the Harbor off of the 405 south - gotta slow down now. Phil tells me to call triple A and have it towed - hmmm -I left EVERYTHING at school - no wallet no triple A card no cigarettes - NOTHING

Thank goodness I had my cell

Couldn't get the car to move after I stopped for the light, luckily there was a small paved embankment out of the way of traffic - kind of

DAMN - school is RIGHT there - I have my files - CRAP home is the other way about a mile up - damn - damn - damn

Tow truck to the rescue and things do happen at certain times for a reason

Phil was traveling in a rental car this week, so his car and key were at my house. As the car was loaded onto the tow truck, I notice ALL the spray of fluid all over the back of my car and as he moves it there is tranny fluid all over the place.

It's the TRANNY - now if you know my history with this vehicle, this will be the FOUrTh time that the tranny has gone out.

Should have listened the third time - hmmmmmph

O-well - after freaking out about it, I have found on my receipt from the last tranny rebuild (Jan 09, 2006) that the 3 year 36,000 mile warranty is still in force - THANK GOD

I get phil's car and go to school - finally - and NOW I have my files - haven't had a single cigarette through out this whole ordeal and can't leave class - I just got there - BREATHE

Leave school and go to the grocery store so I can make a good meal as comfort food tonight

Putting my potatoes in the silly bag and begin to carry it to my cart


I need a drink and I hope I don't burn dinner

Happy Valentines Day
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